2020 China (Chongqing) International Surface Engineering Technology Forum & The 5th Sichuan-Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Exchange Meeting

2020 China (Chongqing) Automotive Surface Engineering and Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar

2020 Asia-Pacific International Powder Paint and Coating Application Technology Summit




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Italian Association of Metal Finishing

Singapore Surface Engineering Association

Metal Finishers' Association of India

South African Metal Finishing Association

Indonesian Coating Association

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Coat Expo

Scale: 15,000 square meters
Exhibitors: 400 companies
Visitors: 20,000 visits

As the most professional and fast growing surface finishing exhibition in China, SF EXPO is the ONLY global surface engineering expo approved by UFI. It makes great contributions to the technology exchange and international trade for surface finishing industry every year. In order to better serve the southwest market, SF EXPO organizing committee made strategic expansion in 2013 by holding the exhibition in Guangzhou and Chongqing every other year. At present, SF EXPO has been successfully held 13 times in Guangzhou, three times in Chongqing, which has been deeply recognized by the industry.

In order to adapt to the booming development of southwest manufacturing industry, at the last SF EXPO in Chongqing, various manufacturers that own the latest surface treatment technology, equipment and raw materials launched core frontier products and technologies without reservation, competed to display the most advanced technology, equipment and solutions to meet the needs of southwest manufacturing industry. In the three-day exhibition, there were total 318 overseas and domestic companies from 16 countries and regions, such as CONVENTYA, EAC, HUACHUANG, Lidao, PAT, Xingyi, CLP II, SPE, Jidao, Chengao, Jianzheng Electroplating, Juke, Wagner, Gema, Yudong, Xinliguang, Landtech, JOIHEY, Mingyi Coating, SQROBOT, Haosheng Coating, CNISOO etc.



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China Electroplating Association

China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch

 Chongqing Surface Engineering Association 

 Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Society 

Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd.

 Chongqing Painting Industry Association 

Chongqing Electroplating Industry Association 

 Sichuan Province Surface Engineering Industry Association

USA Powder Coating Institute
● Singapore Surface Engineering Association
● Metal Finishers' Association of India
● Brazilian Surface Finishing Association

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