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Visitor Sevice Visitor Sevice

How to find the VIP customers?

Important enterprises and industry experts, high-level personnel in enterprises, such as chairman, general manager, manager, technical manager, head of procurement department, etc. who visit the procurement industry in similar exhibitions, will be screened and confirmed by the organizing committee.  

1. Important enterprise personnel and high-level purchasing personnel in the industry registered on the website.    

2. Inform the Organizing Committee in advance by telephone, fax, e-mail and other means to confirm the people and experts in the procurement industry.    

Business representatives, experts and scholars who are visited by domestic and foreign associations, chambers of Commerce and cooperative institutions.    

3. Potential customers and user enterprise representatives recommended by exhibitors, invited and recognized by the organizing committee.

Confirmation of VIP customers

1. VIP customers shall be confirmed by the organizing committee through telephone, e-mail and mobile phone text message. The VIP visit card shall be obtained on site with the VIP invitation card and VIP customer code.

Honored services enjoyed by VIP customers

1. There is no need to wait in line at the site to get the visitor card. And the VIP special channel will directly enter the site to visit and purchase.    

2. The organizing committee will mail the latest exhibition news and developments of the exhibition free of charge.    

3. The organizing committee will book preferential hotels.    

4. Have priority to forums, technology promotion meetings, reception dinners, cocktail parties and theme promotion meetings organized by the Organizing Committee and exhibitors at the exhibition time.   

5. The organizing committee will provide exhibition journals and exquisite gifts free of charge.    

6. Free access to the VIP lounge, free internet access, free drinks, snacks, etc., and negotiate with exhibitors in the VIP lounge.

7. Participate in the matching service of both supply and demand sides organized by the organizing committee free of charge.    

8. Give priority to the activities of visiting industrial enterprises and industrial parks organized by the organizing committee.    

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